The Twisty Twelve Days of Christmas

During a creative writing activity, the children of P7A came up with their own versions of the classic Christmas carol.

Here’s a selection of the Results:

The Crofter’s 12 Days of Christmas by Annabel
On the twelve days of Christmas
The crofter sent to me
Twelve knitted jumpers
Eleven bobban socks
Ten pairs of wellies
Nine sharp shears
Eight sheep dogs barking
Seven bags of peats
Six crops for planting
Five fresh eggs
Four tractors roaring
Three hens clucking
Two cows a-mooing
And a turkey for Christ-mas lunch

The 12 Stars of Christmas by Alfie
On the twelve days of Christmas
Tulisa sent to me
Twelve Justin Biebers
Eleven Lady Gagas
Ten Tinie Temapahs
Nine Marcus Collins
Eight Olly Murs
Seven Katy Perrys
Six One Directions
Five Bruno Mars
Four Elvis Presleys
Three Kelly Rowlands
Two Jessie Js
And a concert with Jay Z!

Six Word Stories

The famous American author Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to write a complete story in only six words. The story he came up with has become very well known and was described by himself as the best story he ever wrote.
Hemingway’s story was For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.

We tried writing our own six word stories. It turned out to be much harder than we thought!

Here are a selection of our stories:

Ernest was clever, not me however. – Scott
Anil was the hero against Tong. – Adam
Hungry tiger escaped, petrified people hiding. – Ellie
Three little pigs, tomorrow’s delicious breakfast! – Kayleigh
At sea, engine broken, no spare. – Charlotte
Two Towers, two planes, few survivors. – Alfie
Tears spilled, blood shed, lives lost. – Katy
Need the toilet, oh, too late. – Anil
I don’t know what to write! – Jessica
One bench, one girl, broken heart. – Annabel
Once young, then old, now gone. – Charlotte
Dad went to war, family alone. – Anil
Baby asleep, seeing lights, never awakened. – Ellie
Where’s the flowers? No more wedding. – Heather
Pulled cat’s tail, ouch, scratched now! – Megan
Kissed a frog, prince is coming! – Jessica
An unsolved mystery that’s made history.  – Scott
Man prays, unnoticed, plane destroys tower – Thomas
If I steal, I will pay. – Katy
Love peace, hate anger, joy surprised. – Sophie
One life, one opportunity, have fun! – Kayleigh
Lots of cakes, feel sick now. – Annabel
Terrible mess, mum coming, big problem. – Liam
Three little pigs, Charlie Barley’s window. – Catriona
So lazy, missed school, oh dear! – Megan
Alarm bell rings! NOOO! He screams.  – Scott
Let the turkey meet the oven. – Sophie
iPhone, iPad, whats the big fuss? – Catriona

What do you think about our six-word stories?
Why not write your own and add them as a comment to this post.

50 Word Trilogy – Life as a Terrorist

Trilogy by Alfie

Life as a Terrorist: Sudden Death
The grass was green with splashes of red leading towards a brick wall. It was blocking my path so I had to climb up the grey, rocky hill. I fell and felt a pain in my forehead and a thick red liquid trickled down my face and down my neck.

Life as a Terrorist: Path of the Dead
I swam back to the path and grabbed onto it. As I climbed back on the man followed. It was a man, about twenty or thirty with thick black hair covering his dark, shady face. I could see cuts all over his leg. He was out to get me!

Life as a Terrorist: The Chase
They were onto me. The car screeched around the corner. I just kept on running. My shoelace was undone and I tripped. They were closing in. What have I done? Why did I bomb them? No-one survived. Dark shadows surrounded me, guns pointed at me. I was a dead man.

50 Word Trilogy – A Spy Life

Trilogy by Scott

A Spy Life: Bullet Rush
I was British, he was American. It didn’t get simpler than this. I was scared, held up against the rough, cold, brick wall. The man was armed with a deadly handgun. I took a deep breath, then heard a loud BANG! A pain shot through me, then there was darkness.

A Spy Life: Mr Skullhead
He walked up the damp path; he passed the pumpkins, each with a terrified face, lit by a strong candle. His cold skull cracked in the wind. He stopped in front of a large wooden door. He knocked on it, heavily, with his weak skeleton hand. A voice whispered…“Hello.”

A Spy Life: Rush on the Rails 

The driver was panicking as the train raced down on the rails. Sparks shot out from the unstable wheels. I crawled along the roof of the train, wind in my face, distracting me from advancing forward. I eased my head up, and noticed we were quickly running out of rails!

Friday Challenge – 07.10.11

Friday Challenge

There are two questions in this week’s Friday Challenge. Can you solve both of them? Post your answer and explanation as a comment.

1) Which word in the English language is pronounced differently when the first letter is changed to a capital?

2) What word begins with ‘h’, ends with ‘n’, contains six letters, and contains eight words besides itself without moving a single letter? (Bonus points if you can list the eight words!)