50 Word Trilogy – A Spy Life

Trilogy by Scott

A Spy Life: Bullet Rush
I was British, he was American. It didn’t get simpler than this. I was scared, held up against the rough, cold, brick wall. The man was armed with a deadly handgun. I took a deep breath, then heard a loud BANG! A pain shot through me, then there was darkness.

A Spy Life: Mr Skullhead
He walked up the damp path; he passed the pumpkins, each with a terrified face, lit by a strong candle. His cold skull cracked in the wind. He stopped in front of a large wooden door. He knocked on it, heavily, with his weak skeleton hand. A voice whispered…“Hello.”

A Spy Life: Rush on the Rails 

The driver was panicking as the train raced down on the rails. Sparks shot out from the unstable wheels. I crawled along the roof of the train, wind in my face, distracting me from advancing forward. I eased my head up, and noticed we were quickly running out of rails!

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