WWII – Evacuation Research

Post by Catriona

This afternoon we have learning about evacuation in World War Two. We have been finding out about what it was like to be evacuated and lots of other things to do with it.

We are using the facts and pictures we find to make posters.

This a picture of me wearing a gas mask like the children who were evacuated.

Homework – School Uniform

In class we have been discussing and writing about the issue of school uniform.

Tonight’s homework is to come up with a creative new design for a school uniform

– You can use the templates below to help you or you can start from a blank page
– The school badge needs to be included.
– You can use any colours or patterns you want.

We’ll post the best designs on the blog.

Uniform Templates
Uniform Design – Sweatshirt
Uniform Design – Polo
Uniform Design – Hoodie

The Path of Legends

Story by Heather

I was alone in the woods. A timber path lay in front of me; a golden carpet of leaves awaited someone’s arrival. I walked on and, as I moved, a crunching sound filled the all-but silent air. The birds were singing; the trees were whispering mysteriously yet, as I tried to listen in, they became quiet. A small lake filled the space beside me and, as I peered at it cautiously, something looked straight at me. From what I could see, it was not my reflection. It started to disappear. I put my hand forward and felt nothing but cold icy water.

Haunted House

Story by  Ellie

It’s 1998. Anita and her mum moved into this old abandoned house, built in 1976. The house used to belong to a little girl and her parents but they died and no-one knows why. It is said that their ghosts still haunt the house every day of the month of August. Tonight is August the 1st but Anita did not believe in all that rubbish until this very night.

The shadow

Story by Sophie

I turned the rusty, ice-cold handle that shook me as the door smacked open. I walked inside and the door suddenly slammed shut behind me. On the table there was a freshly-made cup of coffee with a strange red goo coming down from it. I sat on an old stool and I felt like I was sitting on something. I looked and it was an old doll. I stood up and picked the doll up carefully. It suddenly blinked its eye at me and I threw it against the wall with fright. I ran to the door, trying to open it.

I heard a scream coming from upstairs and blood coming down from the ceiling. Then I saw a shadow of a fierce animal with a bushy tail and small ears. All I heard was a cup smashing behind me.

Discursive Writing – Windfarms

We have been investigating the plans to build windfarms on the Isle of Lewis. We conducted a survey on our blog and have discussed the arguments for and against the development. The children have completed a discursive writing task where they had to explain the two sides of the debate and then state their own opinion.

The pupils’ opinions on this subject have been added as comments to this post.

The Mystery in the Woods

Story by Connor

I walked towards the abandoned shack in the middle of no-where. I looked in through the window that was broken and had spiders all over it. Light was glaring in the empty room. I opened the ice cold door; my spine shivered in terror. I walked into the dark shack. The floor board creeked. I heard echoing foot steps getting ever closer to me. I was so scared, my heart was thumping really fast, I couldn’t stay there any longer. I ran away from the mysterious shack, never to go there ever again.

The Beach

Story by Megan

There was a road with cars rushing past beside the beach but how could I get home if I didn’t know where I was? Before long, I decided to go and find out where it led. I only needed to find one person or a sign to give me a clue. I suddenly felt a crab nibbling my foot. Runny red liquid ran down my foot, the salt water stinging. As I walked along splashing in the pools of sea water the tide came in and the road felt like it was miles away

The Haunted Shack

Story by Alfie

As I approached the shack, I saw that all the windows were smashed and covered with cobwebs and bugs. When I went to open the door, the handle was as cold as ice and as sharp as a dagger. There was a loud scream and blood trickled out from underneath the door. Slowly, I opened the door, not knowing what to expect and found a woman lying on the floor. I couldn’t tell what happened to her but she had a nasty gash on her forehead. Luckily, she was still breathing. I went looking for the person who must’ve done this. I heard a rustling noise coming from an old cupboard and then I noticed a dark shadow looming over me with what looked like a large object in his hand.

The Haunted Castle

Story By Anil

I was so excited to go into the old castle. I ran as fast as I could until I reached the castle. On the castle I saw lots of moss stuck on the stony wall, the ivy was climbing up the wall. At the same time a monkey was climbing a tree. I walked as slow as a turtle into the castle. The castle had lots of broken windows, the shiny glass was all over the ground, shimmering throughout the castle. I tip-toed through the castle. Suddenly I heard a big bold shout, “Get me out of here now!” It came from through the black wooden door. I walked nearer the noisy door. I grabbed the cold and wet handle. The coldness made me shiver. I twisted the cold handle and opened the door…

Dark Paths

Story by Scott

I looked to my right and saw a bench, made of a stronger wood than the path. As I ran my hand across its surface, I felt a sharp pain in my finger. I jumped back to examine  what had been left in my finger; a small but painful splinter. Slowly I removed the splinter with my dirty fingernails and threw it into the swamp behind me. It was then I heard a gurgle in the water, several bubbles began to form a sort of monstrous warning while the deep moan increased in volume. As it approached me, something became visible in the swamp and now it was coming up below the wooden bridge. I spread my feet out wide facing forward as the dark swamp-beast loomed over me from behind, ready to attack.